The ninja shoes!
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Go find your ninja shoes quick!
OMG! I have found the perfect shoes for a Naruto cosplay! They deserve their own page because they are important. And they're shoes.

They come in two colors: black and white.
If you are lazy, and don't want to have to do much to the shoes, get black. If you want to make them blue, pink, or any other color, get white. If you want to disect them, I don't care. (That put disturbing images of a guy disecting shoes in my head)
If you are an accuracy freak, (Not me) the shoes have slit-things on the back and sides. If you are going as Kakashi, Iruka, or an adult ninja, don't cover the back. All AFs (Accuracy freaks) should cover the sides with fabric.
There is a line that has the word "Sketchers" on the top part of the shoes. COVER THIS!!! It is SO not accurate. I am still figuring out how to cover it.
Oh yeah, the materials of the shoe are different on different parts of the shoe, so make sure that you are aware of this so you AFs can cover them.
~Important Note~

Shoes come in womens' sizes and I am NOT advertising for Skechers.

Thank you to:

ShadowClaw for the question and suggestion of what model the shoes are. The model is called Critics Cinema and I got the pics from Skecher's website.