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Naruto Cosplay Ideas. I am entirely unuseful and this will be the helpfulest place on the site!

1. Art of the Doppleganger: Get a bunch of Narutos and write "Doppleganger" on everybody's foreheads except one (The Real Naruto).

2. Anti-character: Make a smiling Gaara in pink or a gothic Naruto in black. Very helpful if you have the wrong fabric color. Just make sure the difference is distinct. 

3. Doppleganger mess-up: A bunch of dopplegangers, but one is a different color or something. (Make a skit around this)


Haku's Senbon needles: EASY!!!

Take a few pick-up sticks and paint or permanent marker them black or silver!

Cosplayers on a budget:

You want to do a bunch of cosplays but don't want to spend too much? Use and reuse these items to save money!

1. Konoha headband- most of the ninjas are from Konoha.

2. Black fingerless gloves with metal plate- Jounins and Kabuto

3. Black capris- Shikamaru, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Kankuro, (And if you wrap bandages around the bottom) Gaara, and jounins wear these.

4. Assorted fishnets- For arms and legs. If you have a fishnet shirt, you can use these for many characters. Gaara, Temari, Shikamaru, etc.

5. Navy or black long-sleeve shirt- Put patches on the shoulders for jounins including Ebisu, Kakashi, Asuma, future Shikamaru, etc.

6. Kunai, Shiruken- Easy, good props for most everyone on Naruto.

7. Ninja shoes- This one's a no-brainer. Almost everyone wears them, with some variations.

8. Bandages- Wrapped around assorted places.

9. Ninja pouches- Butt pouch and shiruken holster.

If you have the money or skills to make these:

1. Akatsuki coat- Itachi and  Kisame. If you want to make anyone instant Akatsuki, wear it.

2. ANBU costume- Make some changes to the base, and you can do any character as ANBU.

3. Jounin vest- Endless possibilities for jounins and future costumes (Ex. Jounin Naruto)

Guestbook no jutsu!